BAA Public Vote at Light House

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A series of three screenings will be screened at Light House with the chance to vote for your favorite animations in the British Animation Awards 2008. The animated shorts will include a mix of short films, music videos and animated commercials. A rare opportunity to see the fantastic range of animation made over the past two years on the big screen.Included in the screening are films about obsessive film makers (Dreams & Desires: Family Ties) Missing Cats (Pushkin) Crazed Transvestite bank robbers (Ole' black and blue eyes) and robot husbands (Tokyo Moon).The music video selection will showcase work from the best UK animation studios for international music artists including Robbie Williams, Lightspeed Champion, The Puppini Sisters, Psapp and Subtle.Each evening screening will have its own 'Ad Breaks'; fantastic animated adverts everyone will recognize, for products such as National Lottery, Ribena, Sony Bravia and Guinness.Wed 20, Thurs 21 & Fri 22 Feb, 6pm. Cost: £3

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